fitting pvc / fitting besi

function fitting in the piping system usually serves as a connector pipe
Connection pipe ( pipe fittings) many
found our everyday environment both in the
material stores and the taps. and
with the development of technologies which
industry is more advanced and competitive
product increases, consumers are increasingly
faced with some kind of choice, especially in the connection pipe ( pipe fittings) .
From a wide range of products and forms
cast iron pipe fittings, society at
generally use a lot of products
marketed in a specific area without
know the quality of the connection pipe. to
get better quality then the
material of the pipe connection needs to be done
process of heat treatment ( heat treatment) .
Where the process is a combination of process
heating and cooling at a specific rate
to obtain iron properties desired in the limit of the cast iron.
Heat treatment process to be performed on pipe fittings ( pipe fittings) cast iron
ie in a way that serves annealing
to reduce violence, eliminate
residual stress, and reduce the segregation
( separation) . We therefore tried to examine
and analyze the material in order to
known as well as the elements contained in

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